Business Model Canvas with Scot

Date: Wednesday, April 14th, 2021
Time: 9 – 11 am
Link to webinar: Registrations Required (CLICK HERE)

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to test out your idea, or an established business looking for new opportunities, the Business Model Canvas is a brainstorming tool that provides a new way to look at your business.

Used across all industries, the Business Model Canvas is a tool that gives you space to test your ideas, validate your assumptions, and identify what resources you will need to make your business a reality.  In this workshop, each participant will be given the time and space to work on their own business model canvas.

Please make sure to download below documents prior to the workshop.

Canvas Poster


Scot McNair

Has 40-plus years of experience in the financial industry, working with entrepreneurs in a wide range of business sectors.  He has vast experience in all facets of operating a business, while specializing in the financial area.

Scot joined the Community Futures family in 2018 in the role of Loans Coordinator, and has assisted current and prospective business owners with planning of all aspects of their businesses.



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