‘I’ve accomplished so much’

-Maggie Niewinski, Cobbler’s Rack

Program ends in March

Momentum applications are now closed.


A business accelerator program just for women.

We’ll guide you at every step.

Do you:

  • feel ready to reach higher with your business, but you’re not sure where to start?
  • need support defining your vision and your place in the market?
  • get overwhelmed thinking beyond day-to-day operations?
  • wish you had one-on-one guidance for business coaching and accountability?
  • like the idea of peer mentorship and creating connections with other growth-minded women entrepreneurs?

We hear you.

With so much in front of you and so many opportunities ahead, Momentum is here to help you gain the clarity, tools and support you need to realize your business’s potential.

What If You Could Take Your Business To The Next Level?

How We Help

Take Charge of Your Business

Momentum offers opportunities to:

  • actively participate in a peer mentoring group
  • access specialized professionals to help you overcome knowledge gaps
  • achieve your goals through a structured business process and custom action planning
  • receive targeted support and establish accountability through ongoing one-on-one professional coaching
  • gain confidence in all areas of your business through training opportunities on topics such as leadership, goal-setting, financial management, conflict management, human resources, market expansion, and more

Momentum may be for you if you:

  • have been running your business for more than two years
  • see opportunities for growth but need support to pursue them
  • feel motivated to improve your business focus and productivity
  • are ready to take a deep dive into your operations to evaluate your business’s strengths, weakness, gaps, and needs
  • can commit time to work on your business and provide mentorship to your peers

Momentum FAQ

Momentum is an accelerator program designed for women who own a business that has been operating in the North Okanagan region for at least two years. The program is best suited to growth-minded entrepreneurs who are motivated to develop their business operations, are open to new approaches and value opportunities for co-learning through group mentorship.

Businesses that are not eligible include:

  • franchises
  • multi-level marketing businesses
  • businesses that are not registered in British Columbia
  • businesses that are not operating in the North Okanagan Region

Applications for Momentum are now closed. The program is not taking new participants.

A key component of the program is your active participation. Each member can expect to contribute at least four hours per month to a peer mentorship group plus the possibility of some additional time if you are playing a leadership role.

In addition to the mentorship group, you will engage in a detailed analysis of your operations as well as action planning and on-going business development activities. The time spent on these activities will vary depending on the complexity of the business. You can expect anywhere from 20 to 60 hours of activity in the first 3 months as you complete the business analysis and action planning phase and then up to 10 hours per month on an on-going basis.

Much of the business development work will be client-driven so the amount of time each client spends and the scheduling of business development activities will vary based on individual needs.

Participants will engage with us for a minimum of one year. This allows ample time to be able to connect with business professionals, work on business development activities and fully engage with the peer mentorship group.

The program is focused on providing support and resources to help women grow and improve their businesses. Key phases of the program include:

  • visioning and goal setting
  • comprehensive analysis of your business operations
  • action planning
  • exploration of market expansion opportunities
  • on-going group mentorship
  • one on one coaching
  • connection with specialized professionals and mentors
  • business workshops on a variety of topics such as leadership, conflict management, hiring and retention and time management.

The mentorship group is intended to provide opportunities for shared learning, mutual support, feedback and ideas on how to develop your business.

Members must be strongly committed to attending and fully participating with the group. Sharing insight about your business experiences as well as supporting others with feedback and perspective to support their growth are important parts of your participation. The group will discuss a wide range of topics, based on the needs and interests of those who are participating.

Guiding principles of the group include:

  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Collaboration

Building a lasting, supportive network of growth-minded business owners is a key objective of the group.

Access to customized professional services (ie: accountants, lawyers, marketing experts, etc), as well as training, workshops, and other opportunities for learning will be provided under the program.