Loans Applicants Redress and Appeals Process:

The Board of Directors and management team of Community Futures North Okanagan is committed to insuring all unsuccessful loan applicants have access to a Redress and Appeals process.

Step #1
All unsuccessful loan applications will be provided feedback from the Community Futures Loan Committee, through the loans coordinator as to the concerns and/or rationale for the decline. If the client is then able to address those concerns, a reapplication is welcomed.

Step #2
Should the client be unable to address the concerns and still feel that the loan application should have been granted, the client can request the original application or the secondary application be presented for re-consideration to the Community Futures Board of Directors.

Step #3
Should the Community Futures Board of Directors agree with the decision(s) of the Community Futures Loan Committee, the client can request a review of the process by the Community Futures Provincial Association.