EMPLOY! Youth Employment Program

Employ is a 10 week Youth Employability Skills Training Program.  The first 4 weeks includes paid training which consists of a discussion-based workshop during which you will earn a variety of certificates and learn valuable skills for the workplace.  During the following 6 weeks participants are supported in finding and maintaining employment. Our goal is to find suitable work that continues beyond the 10 Week Employ Program.

Intake Dates in 2021: 

  • January 18th
  • April 19th
  • July 12th
  • October 4th

What you can expect:

    • A warm, welcoming environment
    • Friendly and supportive staff
    • Paid Training while improving Employment/Life Skills
    • Interview and Communication Skills Development
    • Ongoing Job Coach Support
    • Certificates in First Aid, Customer Service and Essential Computer Skills
    • Employment & Networking Opportunities

After the Employ workshop, in-depth one-to-one support is available
to find job leads, self-market to North Okanagan employers and receive on-the-job coaching to help you be successful!

Is not having your drivers licence a barrier to employment? Driving lessons are available to two Employ participants per year. Please connect with Angie or Angela to find out more. Driving lessons generously sponsored and provided by Best Defense Driving School.

Syeana Shares Her Story

I’ve learned the importance of body language and portraying a positive attitude to be successful in both interviews and as a future employee, and had the chance to earn a great variety of certifications that are highly valued to employers. My verbal skills were also vastly improved – I have no more issue with walking up to potential employers to engage them in professional communication. – Anne M