Directions Employment Program

What if you had the support, skills & training you needed to get the career you really want?

Directions is your path to employment opportunities. First, we support you in gaining basic learning skills, and then we support you in acquiring specific skills and training for the job you’ve always wanted to pursue.

  • Do you wish you had a career that offered better pay and long-term potential?
  • Have you been thinking about going into a trade, certification or post-secondary program, but need to upgrade computer and learning skills first?
  • Would funding support for tuition, child care and daily living help make training possible for you?
  • Are you a survivor of domestic or sexual violence?
  • Are you unemployed or employed without enough hours or job security?

Directions Employment Program is here to help you focus on moving forward with the skills and funding support you need to achieve your career goals.

Skills training for survivors of domestic or sexual violence

Focusing on your strengths, interests and career goals, Directions supports you as you build the skills needed to succeed in a training program that will bring you recognized industry certification.

What’s in it for you?

Directions provides you with the services and supports to prepare for and participate successfully in upgrading and/or occupational skills training.

  • Personalized, self-paced training for entry into skills training. Courses offered include essential skills for learning, computer skills, academic preparation and digital learning
  • Tuition coverage for your formal training program
  • Ongoing mentoring and coaching during formal skills training to ensure you have the coaching and supports to succeed

How else do we support you on your employment journey?

In addition to helping you gain learning and employment skills, we make it easier for you to pursue training through additional supports, such as:

  • Learning assessments
  • Personal counselling
  • Academic support services
  • Training allowance
  • Nutrition
  • Disability supports
  • Computer equipment and IT support
  • Transportation
  • Childcare

How does it work?

Access the program in 3 easy steps!

After filling out the application form below, our Training Coach Hallie will call you to set up a time to review your goals, training needs and eligibility for the program. 

Hallie will then support you to create a Training Plan that will include services and supports to help you prepare for upgrading or occupational skills training. This might include a plan for career decision making, computer training, digital learning and additional financial supports to ensure you are ready for training

Our Training Coach Chelan will then work closely along side of you to ensure you have the resources and support to successfully move through your plan.

Still have questions?

We’re here to help you determine if Directions Employment Program is the right step for you.

Call Hallie Webster at 250-545-2215 ext. 239

The current intake is full. Stay tuned for future enrolment information!