I started my business BEFORE 2020 – can I participate?
No, the program is focused on new start-up businesses that have started in 2020 or will be starting in 2021. This year we will be making an exception for the businesses that were unable to compete in 2020 due to the event being cancelled. If you are an entrepreneur who was scheduled to do a pitch in Enterprize Challenge 2020, you will be contacted directly to discuss your entry into this year’s Challenge.

Do I have to live in the North Okanagan?
No, but the business must operate or be operating in the North Okanagan (Vernon, Lumby, Armstrong, Enderby, etc.) to participate in the program.

Can I compete with more than one business idea?
Yes, if you have an idea for more than one product or service, you can compete with more than one business idea. You will have to submit more than one registration and make multiple pitches. One pitch per business idea.

Who are the mentors?
Mentors are members of the business community. Some currently operate businesses while others work with businesses in a support capacity.

How do I register?
Eligibility, Rules and Registrations forms are found on the How it Works  page.