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From tapping into the hidden job market to writing a resume that’s going to stand out, our workshops are designed to give you extra tools and direction to help you find work in the North Okanagan.

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Employment Workshops

Job Action

Does your job search require a boost? Are your existing job-search strategies no longer working for you? This action-oriented job search club assists job-ready individuals with tools, resources and coaching to be successful in their job search. Resume help, interview skills, discovering the hidden job market and the benefit of peer support and more all […]

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The Choices workshop is a five day, 20 hour guided employment-focused journey examining our own unique motivation around work. Using past experiences and present challenges, we explore our current motivation in thinking of work. This workshop will look at beliefs, goals, courage to take action and what holds us back.

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Mapping Your Future

A five day workshop you will will: Create a Portfolio Start a Personal & Educational Budget Research online potential career LMI and education requirements Create an informational interview plan Decide on your next steps…

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Creating Career Possibilities

Through this 4 day workshop you will cover: Your career interests and passions; Your personality strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics; Narrow down values, working conditions and potential barriers; Labour Market Information – learn where and how to research it; Goal setting and planning techniques

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Social Media for Job Search

In this three hour course you will: Become aware of your image in the public internet environment Identify opportunities to make professional connections Use Social Media to access the hidden job market and make yourself available to be found by recruiters

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Money Smarts

Need to learn how to stretch your budget while looking for work or starting a new job? This three-hour workshop will help you to learn how your values impact your spending habits, how to successfully use a budget, good and bad loans, and strategies for reducing costs and increasing savings.

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Are you 16 to 30 years old and finding it hard to get a job? Do you think your lack of work experience, job search skills, certifications or a personal network may be getting in the way? Employ is a four week long discussion-based workshop where participants: Learn what employers are looking for Master job […]

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Turning Jobs Into Careers

In this three hour workshop you will: Learn the real facts about hospitality, retail and tourism jobs Discover how these jobs can lead to big opportunities Find your fit with service jobs and learn which skills you can gain Hear how others have turned service industry jobs into careers Did you know that most restaurant […]

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Let’s Talk

Have you ever had something to talk about with a boss or coworker that made you feel very uncomfortable?  Learn how to have a difficult conversation when the outcome is important.  In this workshop you will create strategies to talk positively about challenges and have an opportunity to practice one-to-one in a safe place.

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Build Your Resume

Does writing a resume seem like a difficult task to do on your own?  In this workshop you will review what effective resumes include, learn how to find information to put on your resume and receive individual support while using the computer. In 3 hours, you will leave with a resume ready to start your […]

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Transferable Skills

Does the question “Tell me about your strengths” always leave you speechless? Come to this enlightening workshop to discover your strengths and how best to present them.

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Interview Skills

Do interviews make you nervous? Are you not sure how to best prepare for them? This workshop will tell you what to do before, during and after an interview so that you can get the job.

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Do you network? You probably do, even if you don’t know it. This workshop will help you recognize networking opportunities, learn about your personal network, and explore the wonderful world of social networking.

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Computer Basics

Does the idea of using a computer scare you? Does your job search and the job you are seeking require that you have some basic computer skills? This three-hour workshop will help you to know the basics of using a computer including using a mouse, navigating your desktop, storing information, working with a word document. […]

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Job Search Strategies

Have you always used the same job search strategies, but are now finding that they are not getting you the job? Want to add more strategies to your toolkit? This workshop helps you to tap into the hidden job market and find new ways of gaining employment.

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Labour Market Information

Heard the buzz around “LMI”, but don’t really know what it means? Knowing your LMI helps you to know what jobs are in demand now and in the future, what employers are really looking for and how best to prepare to meet their needs.

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Self Marketing

Not a Marketing Major? No problem! This workshop will help you create your own marketing plan and strategy so that employers will take notice of you.

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Microsoft Word Basics

Do you have the basic skills to use a computer to write a resume?  In this half day workshop you will learn how to use Microsoft Word to create a resume and cover letter. This will include basic formatting techniques and how to make your resume look professional.

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Essential Workplace Communication

One of the key skills for finding and keeping employment is being able to communicate effectively. Positive working relationships and work performance all depend on how well you communicate with others and understand others’ expectations. This two-and-a-half-day workshop covers how to develop effective workplace relationships through effective listening skills, problem-solving strategies, verbal and non-verbal communication, […]

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Are you a woman who has faced significant life challenges that have made personal independence and employment attachment difficult? Bridges is an eight-week, group-based workshop for women of all ages who have faced life obstacles, including women who are survivors of violence and abuse. Bridges has been developed to support clients in gaining community and […]

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Resumes and Cover Letters

Do you know how a resume helps you to get a job? You will learn the three most common types and parts of a resume that gets results. Discover the purpose of a cover letter and how to design one with the best wording.

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Using Internet and Email to Job Search

Have you ever “attached” a Word document to your email? Or “uploaded” your resume to an online webpage? No? In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of how to best use email and the internet to search for work and connect with employers.

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