EMPLOY! Youth Employment Program

Employ is a 10 week Youth Employability Skills Training Program.  The first 4 weeks includes paid training which consists of a discussion-based workshop during which you will earn a variety of certificates and learn valuable skills for the workplace.  During the following 6 weeks participants are supported in finding and maintaining employment. Our goal is to find suitable work that continues beyond the 10 Week Employ Program.

Start Dates:  October 15th, 2018 | Jan 8th 2019

What you can expect:

    • A warm, welcoming environment
    • Friendly and supportive staff
    • Paid Training while improving Employment/Life Skills
    • Interview and Communication Skills Development
    • Ongoing Job Coach Support
    • Certificates in First Aid, Customer Service and Essential Computer Skills
    • Employment & Networking Opportunities

After the Employ workshop, in-depth one-to-one support is available
to find job leads, self-market to North Okanagan employers and receive on-the-job coaching to help you be successful!

Syeana Shares Her Story

“Within the week that I saw my case manager at Community Futures, we were browsing through different jobs that I would like to do. I looked at the job postings and saw one for an oil technician and I jumped on that.

I always knew I wanted to be an auto technician, I just wasn’t sure how I could go about getting an entry level job. Once I went to EMPLOY!, my eyes were opened to what jobs there were.” – Sara

I’ve learned the importance of body language and portraying a positive attitude to be successful in both interviews and as a future employee, and had the chance to earn a great variety of certifications that are highly valued to employers. My verbal skills were also vastly improved – I have no more issue with walking up to potential employers to engage them in professional communication. – Anne M