Are you 16 to 30 years old and finding it hard to get a job? Do you think your lack of work experience, job search skills, certifications or a personal network may be getting in the way?

Start Dates: August 7th, 2018 | October 15th, 2018

Employ is a four week long discussion-based workshop where participants:

  • Learn what employers are looking for
  • Master job search and interview skills
  • Build a winning resume
  • Understand different personalities and communication styles
  • Learn how to ask effective questions
  • Obtain workplace certificates including Customer Service Excellence, Cashier, Word/Excel and First Aid
  • Discover their potential

After the Employ workshop, in-depth one-to-one support is available
to find job leads, self-market to employers and receive on-the-job coaching

“Within the week that I saw my case manager at Community Futures, we were browsing through different jobs that I would like to do. I looked at the job postings and saw one for an oil technician and I jumped on that.

I always knew I wanted to be an auto technician, I just wasn’t sure how I could go about getting an entry level job. Once I went to EMPLOY!, my eyes were opened to what jobs there were.” – Sara

As a recent graduate with little history of prior employment, I have struggled to find a job with little confidence in how I was searching for one. It felt as though my resume was being sent to blackholes rather than employers. So when the opportunity to join the Youth Employment Program arose, I was eager to join and my main reason for this was to learn and get comfortable with interview skills, and to obtain employment.

I finished the program with vastly more than I’d asked for.

This four-week program gave me the confidence to become an effective and well-versed employee, and it’s immediately visible how much thought and expertise was put into designing it. I’ve had the chance to meet many different employers and learn what their desires and expectations of an ideal candidate were. I’ve learned the importance of body language and portraying a positive attitude to be successful in both interviews and as a future employee, and had the chance to earn a great variety of certifications that are highly valued to employers. My verbal skills were also vastly improved – I have no more issue with walking up to potential employers to engage them in professional communication.

Not only was the program both a fun and rewarding experience but I had plenty of support and personal feedback given from Angie and Angela – the wonderful program staff. Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough for the Employ Program. – Anne M