Certificates and Training

Looking for First Aid training? Need a Serving it Right certificate? Find information about certificates here:

Bear Aware, (No Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

  • St John Ambulance – www.sja.ca– 250-545-4200 (Online)
  • Bear Awareness also available at Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA) – www.sica.bc.ca -250 491-7330 (Online)

Boom/Scissor/Arial Platform

Confined Space (Level 1), (No Expiry) (Inter–Provincial – Western CAN)

Confined Space (Entry) Awareness also available at:

CPR, (3 year Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

CSTS, (No Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

  • BC Construction Safety Alliance – www.bccsa.ca – 1-877-860-3675 (Online)

Emergency Medical Responder, (3 year Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

(Bridge from OFA lll)

Fall Protection, (No Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

Fire Suppression, (Annual Recertification required)

Fire Safety, (No Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

First Aid, (3 year Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

First Aid Transportation Endorsement, (3 year Expiry)

Foodsafe, (5 year Expiry as of July 29, 2013) (Inter-Provincial)

Forklift Operation, (2 year Expiry)

Ground Disturbance Level I & II, (3 year Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

H2S Alive, (3 year Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

Medical Terminology, (No Expiry) (Inter-Provincial)

Pest Management and Pesticide Applicator Certificate, (5 year Expiry)

Petroleum Safety Training (PST), (No Expiry)

Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST), (5 year Expiry)

  • Southern Interior Construction Association-www.sica.bc.ca-250 491-7330 (Online)

Serving It Right, (5 year expiry as of September 2015)

Skid Steer/Loader Backhoe/Frontend Loader

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) & Cargo Securement, (3 year expiry)

Traffic Control Person (TCP), (3 year Expiry)

  • Okanagan Traffic Control – (250) 546-8017
  • Frontline Traffic Control Services  (250) 309-3452
  • ALJ Safety – www.aljsafety.com –  (250) 212-0770
  • Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA) (Traffic Control for Construction)  www.sica.bc.ca – 250 491-7330 (Online)

WCB Worksafe Courses, (No Expiry)

Babysitting Basics, (No Expiry)

  • St John Ambulance – www.sja.ca – 250-545-4200

WHMIS, (Annual Review) (Inter-Provincial)