Wage Subsidy Services

Wage Subsidy Work Experience Placements

The Wage Subsidy  gives employers financial support to help with some of the costs of on-the-job training and skill development for new employees.

Is My Business Eligible?

To be eligible for a wage subsidy, an employer must:

  • Be a registered business and provide the business legal name and business number
  • Be in business for at least a year
  • Have a position to fill that is part of their ongoing business operations
  • Confirm that no workers will be laid off as a result of wage subsidy placement
  • Apply and be accepted for the program PRE-hire.
  • Offer a full-time position of a minimum 35 hours per week
  • Offer the likelihood of long-term, non-seasonal employment
  • Pay reasonable, competitive wages that are reflective of the prevailing wage rate for the position

How Do I Apply for a Wage Subsidy?

Employers must apply for the subsidy before they hire a potential candidate. Download the TWO part application form: Part I  Employer Application Part II  Employer Application Section 2

Who is Eligible for a Wage Subsidy?

To be eligible for a wage subsidy work experience placement, a potential employee must:

  • Be an unemployed and underemployed Canadian citizens (working less than 20 hours/week)
  • Be eligible for Employment Insurance or have had a claim in the last five years
  • Lack work experience in a field or industry
  • Have recently obtained skills training but no experience
  • Be a new immigrant who lacks needed Canadian work experience
  • Be seeking an apprenticeship and lack work experience in the trade


If you have questions or you’d like help applying for a wage subsidy, please contact our business team.