Issue Resolution Policy and Process

Community Futures-North Okanagan Management, Staff and Board work to ensure that customer, community and Government requirements are consistently met, with the goal of enhancing service satisfaction. We will conduct ourselves with integrity and be responsive and responsible to our communities and our Network through adhering to our Core-Values and high professional Service Standards.

From time to time, grievances may arise where staff of Community Futures or its Service Delivery Partners are not able to effectively respond. In this situation, those presenting a grievance may need to access progressive assistance in order to find a satisfactory resolution to the issue.

The intent of this process is to ensure that service quality or other concerns that are presented to the organization as issues receive a fair, objective and informed resolution by a reviewer(s) that has sufficient knowledge and expertise to address the issues.


  1. Individuals or groups who have a grievance which concerns a particular program will first contact the Program Manager of that program and attempt to resolve the matter.
  2. If the situation remains unresolved, those with a grievance will have the right to approach the Community Futures General Manager.
  3. If the situation is not satisfactorily resolved with the General Manager, those presenting a grievance will have the right to approach the Community Futures Board of Directors Chairperson.
  4. The Chairperson will appoint a committee of three persons to look into the matter and make recommendations. The committee will consist of one front line worker, Program Manager and one Board Member. Committee members will not be from the Program in question.
  5. The committee will be empowered to recommend that the matter come before the full Board, or the matter be referred back to the General Manager for resolution at a staff level.
  6. If the issue remains unresolved and is attached to a particular Government-funded program, the funder will be informed and direction will be sought in terms of how to proceed.


  1. At each progressive step the party presenting the grievance will be informed of the result.
  2. No step will take longer than five working days to complete.
  3. All decisions and processes at each step will be documented in writing. The results of the review(s) will be shared with the individual or group presenting the grievance. Grievances and results attached to a Government-funded program will be made available to the funders upon request.
  4. Community Futures or its Service Delivery Partners are responsible for ensuring that decisions follow the principles of administrative fairness.
  5. Community Futures or its Service Delivery Partners will maintain a record for approximately one year of all complaints, concerns and decision review requests including: date, nature of issue, outcome and date of resolution.

If you have questions about the Issue Resolution Policy and Process please contact:

Program Manager
250 545 2215 ext 219